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Collectively Better

We embarked on our quest 14 months ago now leaving our traditional agencies behind with an agenda in mind: to get back to doing good work that we believed in and to ultimately keep things simple and small.


An alternative to the traditional

That’s merely not to dumb down our offering, it’s just that in our previous guises we were forever dragged into office politics and compromise. Our waters were severely muddied and that made us unfocussed. Of the 70% of the good stuff we created probably only 10% that ever saw the light of day – and that was just frustrating.

This time we wanted  to take control back and to be in charge of our own destiny, working on projects that fitted within our ethos. Ultimately, we just wanted each project we took on to be the best creatively it possibly could be.

Now we have the freedom to be selective and we can also call on our array of partners and friends to create our perfect team depending on the brief in hand.


Much like a successful Premier League squad we can adapt our team. Whether it’s a flat back four needed to soak up the pressure from one of the big top six, or to hit out with pace and use wing backs (ok enough of the football analogy).


It just means overall we will be perfectly equipped for each challenge and this approach helps us create work that feels worthwhile at the same time.

This approach we feel works perfectly as well for today’s clients. A view that is shared by Tobias Van Schneider in his article ‘Dream big, but Stay Small’

“With a small team, the people who get briefed on the project are the same people who work on the job. This leaves less room for miscommunication and errors.

Consider a typical agency scenario, in which the account or new business person meets with a new client. They take what they learned from that meeting and relay it to a project manager.

The project manager now translates that information for the creative team. By this point, designers are doing work based on a game of telephone. They may never even meet the client until they’re presenting the work. And in a lot of agencies, not even that is the case.

Cutting out the middlemen means less misunderstandings and more effective work. This leads to a larger percentage of your ideas and projects being actually produced and shipped.”

Exciting times
In those 14 months ago we’ve noticed that landscape has really started to change, especially in Manchester, with the word of the moment ‘collective’ being used more and more frequently and lots of new smaller ventures being set up. These are exciting times where now the small agency (or collective) can exist alongside the traditional agency and we’re excited to be a part of it!