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Give your product the packaging it deserves

The importance of packaging when launching a new commercial product or updating an existing product can sometimes be overlooked. Large exciting advertising strategies, PR and social media campaigns sometimes overshadow the actual message on the box, bottle or sleeve.


The importance of good packaging

For us, we see every part of the marketing mix as an integral piece of the brand story and one in which the packaging plays a key part. Not just in developing the brand’s own story or identity but also when becoming part of the customer’s own world – a tangible piece of the brand that they will take home and live with.

Once the product is out there, as part of the growth of the brand, the actual package must also evolve over time – it can’t stand still.
As Fred Richards from Kaleidoscope mentions in the Dieline article, Top 6 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Packaging

“Every brand should continually look in the mirror and question why certain assets or packaging details exist. Understand the stories behind the elements. Are they still valid? Does the consumer recognise them, value them and better yet, relate them to what you intended in the first place? The brand message on a package is often diluted little by little with small changes over time, but it’s hard to see without taking a step back. True brand and design consultancies will find creative ways forward that are based on brand fundamentals and consider the underlying strategy.”

That’s where we can hopefully help out. If you have a brand that has become tired or an exciting new brand that needs a whole route to market, we can help provide the best solution for your brand and your packaging.

Just drop us a line to see what we can do for you.