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Beer Brothers

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Like an overbrewed ale, the craft beer market was getting a bit too fussy

A pair of beer-loving friends approached us with a challenge. How could they honour the traditional craft of brewing, keep things modern and accessible, yet not go full hipster?

From humble beginnings

We were first introduced to David and Phill (the founders) at a friend’s wedding. We got chatting over a couple of their dark beers about labels and logos. As one beer led to another, we realised we needed to give their beer the brand it deserved. Several meetings, an audience audit and and a full competitor analysis later, we had the foundations for a real brand identity.


Engineers of taste

We knew the guys needed a straight-talking brand reflecting their Preston roots. It needed to be a world away from the hipster beer brands in independent bottle shops, and it needed a more commercial feel, ready for a wider audience. We had to strip away any pretentious craft waffle and get back to who and what they were: engineers of taste.

This “stripped back” ideology informed our simple black and white logo design. We carried this monochrome feel across the brand, pairing it with a selection of accent colours to distinguish each flavour and gave each bottle had its own customised design based on its name (something else we lent a hand on). That done, we rolled out it all out across the brand, twelve beer labels and a bespoke product brochure.


We also knew photography was going to be critical. We really wanted had to capture the care and attention-to-detail the guys embody, which is why commissioned Little Mark for the branded photography. He was able to give the images a timeless feel, adding a warmth and humanity without compromising the minimalist branding.

“We feel the branding and packaging created perfectly encapsulates us as a brand and makes us instantly recognisable. The foundation we have now is perfect, and going forward it’ll resonate perfectly with our audience.”

Phill Leyland, Beer Brothers

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