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CGA is a leader in Aviation Consultancy and Type Rating training. They offer a personalised and flexible approach that allows them to scale in order to fit a company’s requirements. Whether they adapt and mould to fit your team on a consultancy level, or provide bespoke training programs, they’re a breath of fresh air in a very corporate landscape.

We were commissioned by Soap Creative to work on the brand and provide initial visuals for the website.


Launch Website

Taking the brand to new heights

Initial meetings with CGA made clear this was a forward-thinking business. They wanted to bring something different to the aviation training world, and with such strong values and business objectives we were able to define three key pillars for the brand: ‘leader in field’, ‘intelligence’ and ‘highest commitment to quality.’

The power of 3

We knew the logo had to reflect these three key pillars. After a few different variations, we opted for the clean linear-based route, which we than added a bit of flair for with the joining piece for the ‘G’ and ‘A.’

Inspired by a number of aviation themes, we wanted to create a ‘strikethrough’ to represent speed, as well as capture the essence of a plane’s tailfin. The final ‘slope’ on the right of the device is subtle nod to this.


With the logo in place, we set about creating a set of complementary assets.

Our research had pointed us in the direction of a modern accent colour, something that would prove memorable for the brand, and the distinctive green we suggested really resonated with the client. That done, we established a clear tone of voice before delivering the full set of brand guidelines, showcasing type, icon and photography style.


The guidelines really helped define the attributes and tone for the brand when we looking into the design of the website. Working alongside Soap, we developed a website with a strong brand vision as well as defining, what could have been a complicated service structure, into a clear concise set of messages.


“An extremely professional, yet friendly team, who are able to deliver a top class bespoke and personalised solution.”

Justine Forrest, Director, CGA

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