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Christoph Spiessens

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Over recent years, Christoph Spiessens has built up an impressive training and coaching business. Working with HR departments across large organisations, revolutionsing a workplace’s flow, improving employee wellbeing and retention by helping companies view their workforce as people, not just staff. In his words, he takes people whose lives have become misaligned and recalibrates them.


Launch Website

Realigning the brand into a positive force for change

With the original brand style we felt Christoph’s target customers, the key HR decision makers, didn’t really get a true interpretation of his personality or how he could improve businesses.

His own brand had itself become misaligned, so he came to us for help.


It’s all about CONNECTION

We quickly realised what was missing was the energy and passion of the man himself.

We replaced the corporate feel with greens, purples and Christoph’s signature lightbulb moment yellow and added a bespoke typeface to evoke connections. We also redesigned, re-coded and rewrote the entire website to target and attract the right type of customer. We also helped rationalise Christoph’s service structure in way that made sense to his audience.

Web Design

A series of tailored wire frames were created until we achieved the right balance and flow then the brand style was applied. Our friends at Soap Creative helped provide the code magic and bring the website to life.

"I felt my complex project was in safe hands the whole time, and I was right: My website visually represents very clearly what my company delivers for my clients. I’m really pleased."

Christoph Spiessens

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